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About Me

I'm sure you realize I titled this page "about me" instead of "about us" - which is probably recommended by the experts. This company is just one person: me. There is no "us"! I want my customers to know they are buying from an individual, not a huge company. When purchasing my products, you are helping me buy diapers for my youngest and feed my toddler - among other things. Let's face it: life is expensive!

My name is Nichole Fehr and I am a mother of two girls (both toddlers), a photographer and wife to a pretty cool dude. I was blessed to be born and raised in Orange County, Ca. and am thrilled to be on this journey! In the winter of 2021, my husband and I quit our jobs, sold our house and moved to Canyon County, Idaho to be closer to my parents and give our girls a better life. I also have a portrait photography (LoveAFehr Photography) business that I have loved since 2008. We are looking forward to a slower lifestyle than the busy life we had Orange County.

It is incredibly fun and rewarding for me to create my formulas, put them to practice and see what I come up with next. I find joy in creating things and I always have - whether it be photography, crocheting, baking, making candles, cooking and more! 

I got started one excruciatingly slow day at work. I was browsing Pinterest (as usual) and stumbled upon homemade soap. I found myself going down a rabbit hole! I was so intrigued by the idea of creating a product myself that I use daily...not to mention handmade soap doesn't contain all the harsh chemicals that commercial detergents do! I know exactly what I'm putting on my skin care and it's full of skin loving ingredients. I immediately purchased supplies to make melt and pour (MP) soap because making it from scratch was - at the time - quite daunting. MP soap is basically purchasing a soap base and adding additives. After making my first aloe vera + lemon melt and pour soap, I was hooked. I researched and scoured YouTube and Google so I could learn how to make cold process (CP) soap from scratch and could not wait to put my knowledge to the test! I can't even tell you how many YouTube videos I watched. It did not take long for me to develop my own formula, send out testers, get feedback and start working on my business!

All my skin care products are handmade in Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho. I'm slowly moving towards buying all the products I can in the USA so I can support our beautiful country and its citizens!

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